Cryptocurrency Overview






-1.18% 24h
-1.60% 1wk
-5.61% 30d
-50.50% 1yr
17.6M Supply
$10.2B Vol 24h
$69.9B Mkt Cap



Peer-to-peer electronic cash. Cash is exchanged b/t 2 parties on the Bitcoin blockchain without needing a centralized 3rd intermediary (i.e. bank). Transaction is verified by a decentralized system of user computers (i.e. nodes). The blockchain makes a permanent record of the transaction that the public can see and keeps the parties' identities private by encrypting their names. The blockchain is nearly impossible to hack so counterfeit money cannot be produced and transaction records cannot be altered. Good for large transactions (e.g. real estate, cars).

-1.49% 24h
-3.00% 1wk
-15.41% 30d
-71.09% 1yr
105.4M Supply
$4.5B Vol 24h
$14.3B Mkt Cap



Hard fork of Ethereum Classic blockchain. Emerged after hack where attacker stole $50 million in ETH from a fund users invested in to support emerging Ethereum projects. Hard fork started a new chain. Provides platform for devs to build dAPPS & enable users to access them. Devs & users use ETH to pay the machines that run the dAPPS. Users can make their own smart contracts that will never have any downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference. This is b/c the smart contracts run on a global network of user computers (i.e. nodes). Thus, no middleman is needed to build the following: Decentralized company or organization with its own shareholders, currencies, & bylaws; decentralized file storage; decentralized online voting; a new country with its own constitution.

-0.69% 24h
+20.41% 1wk
+24.34% 30d
-66.67% 1yr
225.9B Supply
$79.2M Vol 24h
$13.6B Mkt Cap



ADA used to send/receive digital funds. Runs on native blockchain & financial dAPPS can be built on it. Protocol dev occurs after ideas approved by experts. Solves blockchain scalability, interoperability, & sustainability issues by: 1) Increases transactions/sec by adopting proof-of-stake instead of proof-of-work. Randomly elects 1 node/time pd. to verify transactions & add block. Splits network into sub-networks to increase bandwidth for nodes to download blockchain. Security comparable to Bitcoin. 2) Wants banks & govts. to use. Lets assets move from chain to chain. Lets users include metadata about transactions. 3) Creates treasury receiving % of each transaction, used to fund protocol dev. Allows code to be modified with sidechains instead of forks.

-1.99% 24h
-4.90% 1wk
-10.56% 30d
-50.00% 1yr
41.7B Supply
$748.5M Vol 24h
$12.5B Mkt Cap



Runs on native blockchain. Has own cryptocurrency & supports others. XRP enables consumers and businesses to make instant international transactions. Banks connect to each other over the Ripple network, which lets the sender and recipient make the instant transaction. This removes settlement risk, increases customer acquisition for banks, and lowers payment processing costs for both banks involved by 60%. XRP lets banks and payment providers further reduce their costs and access new markets.

-2.02% 24h
-1.63% 1wk
+13.90% 30d
-58.18% 1yr
61.0M Supply
$2.0B Vol 24h
$3.6B Mkt Cap



Runs on native blockchain. A complement to Bitcoin. Litecoin is good for day-to-day transactions (e.g. coffee, sandwich) & Bitcoin is good for large transactions (e.g. cars, real estate). Litecoin was forked from the Bitcoin blockchain in 2011. Transactions take 2.5 mins, which is 10x faster than Bitcoin's 10 mins. Litecoin will eventually have a total of 84 million LTC, which is approx. 4x as many as Bitcoin. As of 5/30/18, miners earn 25 new LTC per block and this amount gets halved about every 4 years (every 840,000 blocks).

-0.55% 24h
-2.90% 1wk
-15.24% 30d
-44.71% 1yr
906.2M Supply
$1.7B Vol 24h
$3.3B Mkt Cap



Native EOS blockchain provides platform for devs to build dAPPS & enable users to access them. Many blockchains have 2 or 3 mining pools verifying transactions, which can lead to centralization. In EOS blockchains, token holders elect 21 block producers to process transactions. Biotech, financial services firms, and new consumer-driven apps are building EOS dAPPS. EOS deployed $1B to VCs to spark growth. Other advantages: 1) Users pay no transaction fees. 2) EOS can process 1K transactions/sec and will eventually process millions of transactions/sec. 3) Devs can build dAPPS in any programming language. 4) EOS facilitates inter-blockchain communication.

Bitcoin Cash
-3.35% 24h
-0.77% 1wk
-2.89% 30d
-83.67% 1yr
17.7M Supply
$465.6M Vol 24h
$2.8B Mkt Cap


Bitcoin Cash

Runs on modified version of Bitcoin blockchain. With Bitcoin's increased use, some transactions began to take a long time, sometimes days. This is b/c each Bitcoin block holds 1MB of transactions. This can lead to long transaction times and high transaction fees. On Bitcoin Cash, each block holds 8MB of transactions so processing times are faster and transaction fees are 99% cheaper. Bitcoin Cash seeks to compete with major competitors such as Visa and PayPal.

Binance Coin
-3.02% 24h
+6.99% 1wk
+53.65% 30d
+26.00% 1yr
141.2M Supply
$191.1M Vol 24h
$2.4B Mkt Cap



BNB is a token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Binance is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. It supports 1.4 million orders/sec making it one of the fastest exchanges. BNB is primarily used to pay for trading fees on Binance. When using BNB, you get the following discounts on fees: YR 1 - 50%, YR 2 - 25%, YR 3 - 12.5%, YR 4 - 6.75%, YR 5 - 0%. Each quarter Binance uses 20% of its profits to buy back BNB and destroy it. This will continue until Binance has bought back & destroyed 50% of all BNB, which will result in BNB having a stable value and appreciating over time. Binance's revenue comes from a 0.2% fixed fee per trade, small withdrawal fees, fees for coins listing on the exchange, and others. Binance also hosts ICOs directly on the exchange & has an incubator.

-0.38% 24h
0.00% 1wk
+0.01% 30d
0.00% 1yr
2.0B Supply
$8.8B Vol 24h
$2.0B Mkt Cap


Omni Protocol

Exists on blockchains through Omni Protocol, which interfaces with them to allow for issuing and redeeming tethers. Tethers are "tethered" to real-world (i.e. fiat) currencies. 1 USDT equals $1, 1 EURT equals €1, & 1 JPYT equals 1¥. Tethers enable use of fiat currencies on blockchains with no fees. Converting your cryptocurrencies into tether holds their value at a fiat rate, thus protecting them from cryptocurrency market volatility. Tether's fiat reserves are always equal or greater than the value of circulating tethers. This maintains price parity b/t tether & fiat currencies. Tether proves its reserves value through a Proof of Reserves process.

-3.07% 24h
-12.54% 1wk
+7.26% 30d
-54.54% 1yr
19.2B Supply
$202.0M Vol 24h
$1.9B Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. XLM used to verify accts., prevent attacks, & facilitate currency trades. Can process 1K transactions/sec. Connects people, payment systems, and banks enabling fast, reliable fund transfers for a fraction of a penny. Expands access to low-cost financial services to people & businesses in regions of high diversity and low monetary stability to fight poverty and maximize individual potential. Unique Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) uses Federated Byzantine Agreement to have decentralized control, low latency, flexible trust, and asymptotic security. No other consensus protocol has those 4 properties. IBM made partnership to make payment transfers with XLM as liquidity. Deloitte, Parkway Projects, & Tempo Money Transfer are building services on Stellar.

-1.65% 24h
-0.79% 1wk
-12.49% 30d
-50.00% 1yr
66.7B Supply
$250.3M Vol 24h
$1.3B Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. Tokens of dAPPS built on Tron network are exchanged for TRX, which is used to buy goods/services. Tron is platform to make content creation dAPPS in entertainment. Eliminates middleman (YouTube, Facebook) & brings consumer straight to content creator. Users own their content, deliver it to audience, & get paid for it. dAPPS can be written in any programming language. Tron does 1,500 transactions/sec & in future will do 10K/sec. Transaction confirmation time is 1 block (15 secs). Apps using Tron include social networks Global Social Chain (100 mil+ users) & Peiwo (10 mil users), Uplive (virtual gifts, 20 mil users), & oBike (bike-sharing, 10 mil users). Tron good for mobile gaming. Tron has $2 Billion pool to issue for projects expanding Tron ecosystem.

-3.60% 24h
-2.81% 1wk
-5.89% 30d
-74.78% 1yr
16.9M Supply
$93.8M Vol 24h
$877.6M Mkt Cap



Native Blockchain. XMR can be used to purchase goods and services. Fast, inexpensive payments can be sent anywhere in the world. The cryptocurrency is secure, private, and untraceable. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain. Monero is selectively transparent meaning you decide who sees your transactions. Otherwise, the sender, recipient, and amount are all hidden. So your XMR funds are private since your wallet address isn't shown on the blockchain. Miners receive the full block reward, which will never be below .3 XMR. Monero is a grassroots community with some of the world's best cryptocurrency researchers and engineering talent.

-2.79% 24h
-0.73% 1wk
-7.87% 30d
-77.44% 1yr
2.8B Supply
$13.1M Vol 24h
$833.9M Mkt Cap



Uses Tangle, a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). DAG more scalable than blockchain. 2 transaction types. 1) Transfer of IOTA tokens to exchange value. 2) Broadcast of data. No transaction fees, no miners. A node is rewarded with issuing a new transaction by doing small proof-of-work to verify 2 previous transactions. Transactions become verified when approved by 2 nodes. Security & transaction speed increases as tangle grows. Tangle can handle unlimited transactions/sec. Nodes only need small copy of tangle. IOTA enables new business models: Real-time streaming payment services for data and energy, immutable data history tracking for supply chains, computational resource sharing (for bandwidth, CPU, and storage), medical record transactions, & more.

-3.16% 24h
-3.43% 1wk
-1.15% 30d
-76.57% 1yr
8.7M Supply
$253.9M Vol 24h
$782.4M Mkt Cap



DASH is digital cash you can send to others or use to buy things. Dash is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. New blocks are created in 2 secs, payments confirm in less than 1 sec, activity & balances are private, & fees are extremely low or nonexistant. Dash works differently than Bitcoin b/c of its 2-tier network. Miners power the first tier, which is the basic sending and receiving of funds and prevention of double-spending. Masternodes power the second tier, which enables privacy, instant transactions, and the decentralized governance and budget system. When a miner makes a new block, masternodes get 45% of the block reward, the miner gets 45%, & 10% goes to the budget system to support development and promotion. Sending DASH will be as easy as using PayPal.

-1.90% 24h
+0.44% 1wk
-7.55% 30d
+6.11% 1yr
1.0M Supply
$5.9M Vol 24h
$719.4M Mkt Cap



Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Runs on Ethereum blockchain. MKR is Ethereum ERC20 token. Provides technical infrastructure that operates Dai, a decentralized stablecoin. 1 Dai = $1. Users deposit cryptocurrency collateral like Ether into Maker's smart contract called a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) & in exchange Maker loans the user Dai. A greater amount of collateral must be deposited than the Dai loan. MKR used to pay stability fee accruing on Dai debt & by MKR holders to vote for parameters relating to collateral required, loan amt., & stability fees.

-2.38% 24h
-3.24% 1wk
-13.67% 30d
-86.20% 1yr
65.0M Supply
$287.3M Vol 24h
$582.4M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain, changes e-commerce by making a smart economy supporting digital assets transfer, digital identity verification, & smart contracts. Targets Chinese mkt. 2 tokens: 1) NEO lets you vote for consensus nodes. 2) GAS is used to make smart contracts. Consensus nodes earn GAS collected from transaction fees as compensation. Consensus reached using improved mechanism called dBFT, Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerant. NEO token holders vote for consensus nodes who reach a consensus & generate new blocks. This supports 1K transactions/sec w/ potential of 10K transactions/sec. NEO enables interoperability b/t blockchains to support cross-chain asset exchange, cross-chain distributed transactions, and execution of smart contracts on different blockchains.

-7.03% 24h
+7.34% 1wk
+20.62% 30d
-14.60% 1yr
494.8M Supply
$67.7M Vol 24h
$578.9M Mkt Cap



Native identity verification platform. ONT is a governance & utility token. Ontology enables identities of people & objects to be put on the blockchain. It seeks to be the source to verify authenticity & accuracy of identities or ownership. Each person/object has an ONT ID. Also gives businesses a platform to make their own blockchain w/ different pluggable features for their own specific business. dAPPS like Spokkz(community film/tv) & Adrealm(ad ecosystem) are building on Ontology.

-3.08% 24h
+11.16% 1wk
-88.50% 30d
-50.00% 1yr
55.5B Supply
$19.0M Vol 24h
$554.5M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. Lets companies & consumers track products on the supply chain. Product information gets stored in blockchain. Each product has unique identification, V-ID. Provides way to identify counterfeit products, b/c producers & consumers can verify if products are authentic. VET is cryptocurrency that lets you transfer value for commercial activities on blockchain. VETs are also paid to nodes that verify transactions. THOR is a token used to execute smart contracts and run dAPPS. THOR is spent when you add something to the blockchain. So far, VeChain has made supply chain solutions for these industries: pharmaceuticals, automobiles, luxury goods, retail, logistics, food and cold storage, liquor.

Ethereum Classic
-2.19% 24h
+6.08% 1wk
-3.88% 30d
-73.85% 1yr
109.2M Supply
$208.2M Vol 24h
$515.6M Mkt Cap


Ethereum Classic

Original Ethereum blockchain. ETC lets people send value to each other & allows them to create more complex contracts b/t each other that operate autonomously. ETC seeks to be a highly efficient means of exchange that connects the world’s devices. Ethereum Classic can host dAPPS & it has interoperability with other blockchains. Supports 1K+ transactions/sec. Ethereum Classic was created after a hack. Users invested in a fund to support emerging projects on Ethereum. An attacker found a loophole & stole $50 million in ETH. Community uproar ensued & a hard fork was implemented erasing the previous chain. But some devs kept the original chain arguing the fork is against blockchain principles. So Ethereum Classic follows the core purpose of blockchain technology, which is immutability.

-0.38% 24h
+1.00% 1wk
+0.15% 30d
0.00% 1yr
2.0B Supply
$8.8B Vol 24h
$505.2M Mkt Cap



Native blockckain. TaTaTu is an entertainment & social media platform. TTU, a token on TaTaTu's blockchain, is earned for creating & watching content. TTU can be used by advertisers to put ads on the platform, by entertainment professionals to access a digital management tool to locate all the rights to their movies, & to buy TaTaTu & celebrity merchandise on TaTaTu's e-commerce store. TaTaTu’s content includes movies, tv shows, music videos, celebrities, lifestyle, gaming, & sports. TTU is earned when users and/or their friends watch this content. TTU is also earned when users post images, videos, & more. And, users get paid when others watch and/or interact with their content. The TTU paid to content creators and consumers is a % of the content's advertising revenue.

-2.86% 24h
+0.38% 1wk
+1.58% 30d
-82.14% 1yr
9.0B Supply
$11.8M Vol 24h
$450.0M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. XEM used to pay for goods/services. A small XEM fee is paid for each transaction. Fee less than PayPal, Apple Pay, & Bitcoin. NEM supports 3K+ transactions/sec, faster than VISA. Proof-of-Importance consensus uses 100x less electricity than Bitcoin. Stores digital assets. Uses include making cryptocurrencies w/o coding, managing shipping documents, tracking manufacturing progress, supply chain mgmt, notarizations, managing documents proving ownership of content/product(s) to prevent forgeries & counterfeit products, managing corporate compliance records, tracking land & property ownership & rights, data records & accounts requiring multiple digital signatures for access, & voting & crowdfunding records.

+0.26% 24h
+34.00% 1wk
+55.81% 30d
-82.86% 1yr
665.2M Supply
$4.0M Vol 24h
$445.7M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. Supports dAPPS & smart contracts. Protocol governed by its stakeholders. So power is in the hands of shareholders rather than developers & miners. This means Tezos will not undergo forks. Stakeholders vote on amendments to the protocol such as development, upgrades, & the voting procedure. When an amendement is accepted, the protocol is updated. Individuals or groups making improvements to the code get paid. Tezos is built with 3 cleanly separated layers – Network, Consensus, & Transaction. Any of these layers of code can be replaced with new or edited code. Consensus reached by unique proof-of-stake algorithm, which gives every stakeholder the opportunity to validate transactions and earn rewards. XTZ used for proof-of-stake consensus, governance in which each token represents a vote, transaction fees, & fueling smart contracts.

-3.54% 24h
-0.15% 1wk
-4.27% 30d
-77.02% 1yr
6.2M Supply
$193.8M Vol 24h
$341.0M Mkt Cap



Fork of Bitcoin blockchain. ZEC used to transfer value b/t parties. Zcash offers option to use encryption to conceal payments - payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, & transaction amt. remain private. Zcash uses cryptographic technique called zero-knowledge proofs to prove the transaction is not fraudulent w/o revealing additional information about the transaction. Zcash uses proof-of-work consensus. New blocks are added every 2.5 mins, 4x faster than Bitcoin. New ZEC is created w/ each new block. Zcash does not conceal multi-signature transactions. Monetary base supply is the same as Bitcoin & is mined over time. JP Morgan Chase partnered w/ Zcash to add a Zcash style encryption to the JP Morgan enterprise blockchain, Quorum.

-1.81% 24h
-1.46% 1wk
-7.53% 30d
-41.25% 1yr
100.0M Supply
$8.3M Vol 24h
$272.0M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. Lets individual users & businesses issue their own tokens. These tokens, which are assets, can then be transferred & traded on Waves' built-in decentralized exchange (DEX). These tokens can provide for a new cryptocurrency, loyalty program, voting system, crowdfunding, & more. WAVES used for proof-of-stake to have the right to generate blocks & to pay for creating new tokens. Waves doesn't have custody over users' cryptocurrencies unlike other exchanges like Binance. Supports up to 6K transactions/sec & fees are less than $.01.

-0.45% 24h
-1.44% 1wk
-3.58% 30d
-50.00% 1yr
118.8B Supply
$18.1M Vol 24h
$237.6M Mkt Cap



Fork of Luckycoin which is a fork of Litecoin which is a fork of Bitcoin. DOGE used to buy goods/services. 10K new coins made each minute & over 5 billion new Dogecoins are mined each year. People who create or share great content can get "tipped" by others in DOGE. Online Reddit community has used DOGE to raise money for good causes. They sent the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics, donated to charity water, & sponsored the driver of a Nascar race.

-3.13% 24h
+10.67% 1wk
+22.06% 30d
-84.92% 1yr
140.2M Supply
$72.5M Vol 24h
$232.8M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. OMG is an ERC20 Ethereum based token. Consensus reached through proof-of-stake (PoS). OMG holders can stake their OMG tokens to be able to validate blocks of transactions & earn transaction fees. Returns are proportional to the amount of tokens staked. Fees are only ever as much as the validations cost. The OMG network will be the global standard for exchange & payments. It will host a host a decentralized exchange for digital fiat and cryptocurrencies, it will support payments, trades, and other financial transactions, it will have interoperability with other blockchains & support merchant & peer-to-peer transactions...all on your phone. Transaction speed is millions and potentially billions of transactions/sec. Seeks to handle all global transactions at once.

-3.90% 24h
0.00% 1wk
+2.07% 30d
-86.10% 1yr
89.4M Supply
$141.0M Vol 24h
$222.5M Mkt Cap



Qtum stands for Quantum. Merges Bitcoin & Ethereum blockchains into Qtum blockchain. QTUM used by nodes to stake funds in Qtum's proof-of-stake consensus & receive interest on these funds for validating transactions. Qtum combines reliability of Bitcoin’s unfailing blockchain w/ the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts. Qtum Go-Mobile is the first smart contracting platform to enable the full mobile use of dAPPS. Their Simple Payment Verification protocol can enable any IoT device to use Qtum. Aims to build first UTXO-based smart-contract system w/ proof-of-stake consensus. Qtum's decentralized governance protocol lets parameters like the block size, block time, gas schedules, & the minimum gas price be modified.

Bitcoin Gold
-5.81% 24h
-7.06% 1wk
-1.18% 30d
-79.99% 1yr
17.4M Supply
$9.9M Vol 24h
$215.4M Mkt Cap


Bitcoin Gold

Hard fork of Bitcoin blockchain. BTG used to buy goods/services. Seeks to eliminate mining pool centralization in Bitcoin. Uses new proof-of-work algorithm, Equihash-BTG, to enable GPU mining. This lets individuals in their homes mine Bitcoin Gold. Will employ another hard fork if BTG mining becomes centralized. Blockchain has 2 layers. Base layer is where BTG coins stay. 2nd layer, called the Lightning Network, enables BTG coins to move back and forth b/t parties w/o needing to update the blockchain. The network can support millions to billions of transactions/sec w/ fees so small they're almost negligible.

-0.60% 24h
-1.62% 1wk
-0.27% 30d
-50.00% 1yr
184.1B Supply
$189,362 Vol 24h
$184.1M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. BCN used to buy goods/services. Transactions are private, instant, & have no fees. Bytecoin uses secure cryptographic algorithms whereby no one can identify who sent the money, who the receiver was, & what amount of money was transferred. First cryptocurrency to use CryptoNote technology for mining. CryptoNote makes it difficult to mine w/ ASIC technology & empowers network participants w/ CPUs & GPUs to do the mining. So it prevents centralization which is occurring in Bitcoin by a few companies controlling the mining.

+2.42% 24h
+1.20% 1wk
-7.19% 30d
-62.94% 1yr
9.5M Supply
$2.9M Vol 24h
$183.5M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. Decred stands for decentralized credits. DCR is cryptocurrency. Self-funded w/ community-based governance. Has hybridized proof-of-work proof-of-stake consensus system. When a new Decred block is found by a proof-of-work miner, its validity is decided by a vote cast by 5 stake voters. If valid, 60% of the DCR reward goes to proof-of-work miners, 30% to stake voters, & 10% is put in a fund to pay for Decred development projects decided by the community. Successfully completed the world's first direct on-chain user-activated hard fork.

-1.98% 24h
+0.67% 1wk
+15.27% 30d
-86.88% 1yr
115.6M Supply
$5.8M Vol 24h
$174.6M Mkt Cap



Fork of Crypti blockchain. A one stop shop to build dAPPS in JavaScript. Opens Lisk ecosystem to thousands of devs familiar with JavaScript & Node.js. LSK used to pay delegates that verify transactions and create blocks. Lisk users also use LSK to vote for who will be elected delegates in Lisk's Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus model. Every dAPP runs on its own sidechain, essentially a personal blockchain that devs can easily build & customize. They can make their own token to pay for functionalities & fees & choose a consensus model to employ.

-6.12% 24h
+2.93% 1wk
-3.68% 30d
-60.00% 1yr
8.7B Supply
$12.1M Vol 24h
$174.0M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. Platform to build dAPPS. ZIL used to pay for transaction processing or running smart contracts. Designed to scale to thousands of transactions/sec. Transaction rates go up as the number of miners go up. Transaction rates double w/ every new few hundred nodes. Zilliqa accomplishes this by dividing its mining network into shards. Each shard processes its own microblock in parallel w/ other shards, & resulting microblocks are merged into a final one. W/ 10K nodes, Zilliqa can match the avg. transaction rate of Visa & MasterCard & give lower fees to merchants.

-2.74% 24h
+5.59% 1wk
+7.20% 30d
-54.10% 1yr
587.6M Supply
$31.4M Vol 24h
$164.5M Mkt Cap



Open-source protocol that enables exchange of Ethereum ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. ZRX is used to: 1) Pay transaction fees for token exchanges. 2) Vote on updates to the protocol in 0x's decentralized governance model. dAPPS built on Ethereum that require token exchange functionality can use 0x. Users can trade their ETH for a dAPP token within the dAPP. They do not have to go to an exchange to make the trade. ZRX's value will increase as more projects use 0x. Projects already building on 0x include Augur, Maker, Aragon, ChronoBank, Melonport, districtOx, dharma, & OpenANX.

+15.51% 24h
+19.15% 1wk
+20.72% 30d
-64.71% 1yr
2.7B Supply
$108.7M Vol 24h
$162.1M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. Powers a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Blockchain technology will disrupt industries & create new ones. These blockchain-based assets will be traded at Bitshares, a blockchain-based trading floor that will be the NASDAQ for future blockchain-based solutions. Peer-to-peer. No brokers or clearinghouse. Supports trade of market pegged assets (MPA), user-issued assets (UIA), & all other financial instruments. BitUSD is MPA. It equals $1 & is backed by Bitshares (BTS) reserves. UIAs let you make your own assets & you control how shares can be used.

-4.92% 24h
-7.83% 1wk
+12.53% 30d
-90.80% 1yr
473.4M Supply
$25.8M Vol 24h
$151.5M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain called Loopchain powers a decentralized network of blockchain communities. The independent blockchains w/ different governances & consensus protocols can transact w/ each other w/o intermediaries through a decentralized exchange in ICON. Supports 3K transactions/sec b/t 2 blockchains & this # increases as more blockchains are added to ICON network. ICX used for transaction fees & as an exchange of value b/t blockchains. Connects communities & industries like hospitals, banks, schools, & more in 1 network.

-4.72% 24h
-2.17% 1wk
+40.63% 30d
-77.27% 1yr
308.0M Supply
$2.3M Vol 24h
$138.6M Mkt Cap

Social Media


Native blockchain. Powers dAPPS that support community building & social interaction w/ cryptocurrency rewards. Steemit is the first dAPP on Steem. It's a rewards-based blogging social network. New STEEM made w/ each new block produced every 3 secs. Allocation: 75% paid to users that create content through posts & curate content through upvoting posts & adding comments. 15% paid as a return to users holding STEEM. 10% paid to witnesses producing blocks w/i Steem's delegated proof-of-stake consensus protocol. Can process 10K transactions/sec.

-3.82% 24h
-5.88% 1wk
-4.44% 30d
-87.45% 1yr
133.2M Supply
$3.6M Vol 24h
$126.6M Mkt Cap


Block Lattice

Native technology. Premier cryptocurrency for consumer transactions. Transactions are instant with no fees. No limit to how many transactions can occur simultaneously. No waiting for transactions to process. These benefits are possible b/c Nano uses an innovative technology called the block lattice which works w/o a mining process. Each user has their own blockchain and provides the computational power to verify their own transactions. Nano uses as minimum amt. of computing resources as possible. Ideal for trading w/ instant & zero-fee transactions.

Bitcoin Diamond
-3.10% 24h
-5.75% 1wk
+7.89% 30d
-69.96% 1yr
153.8M Supply
$1.5M Vol 24h
$126.1M Mkt Cap


Bitcoin Diamond

Hard fork of Bitcoin blockchain. BCD used to buy goods/services. Transaction fees less than 1 cent. Supports 100 transactions/sec, 10x faster than Bitcoin. Prevents mining centralization by using X13 Proof-of-work algorithm & improving it. X13 is for graphics card mining so this makes mining available to individuals. Raises block size limit to 8-32 MB for higher transaction storage. BCD Pay Intl Marketplace is 1st online store exclusively accepting cryptocurrency. Focus on enabling the world’s 1.7 billion unbanked people to have a currency they can use & build wealth with.

-4.33% 24h
-4.17% 1wk
-2.59% 30d
-70.00% 1yr
40.0B Supply
$1.8M Vol 24h
$120.0M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. World's 1st decentralized file storage system. Seeks to be backbone storage layer of Internet & compete w/centralized cloud providers like Amazon. Sia lets peers rent file storage from one another. SC used to pay storage fees & can be mined. Clients choose hosts based on price, storage capacity, & other parameters. Sia encrypts files, splits them in 30 pieces, and sends them to 30 hosts. Only 10 online hosts are needed for client to retrieve files. Smart contracts, stored & enforced by Sia's blockchain, set terms of the storage agreement.

-14.75% 24h
-8.84% 1wk
+5.32% 30d
-50.00% 1yr
11.6B Supply
$1.1M Vol 24h
$115.9M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain. Supports dAPPS & centralized apps. Started Feb. 2014. DGB are digital assets that can be for currency, information, property, or digital data. Can buy goods/services w/ DGB. DGB can be sent via social media. World's longest, fastest, & most secure UTXO blockchain. 5x more secure than any other coin. Uses 5 mining algorithms to prevent mining centralization compared to single algorithm blockchains. New blocks made every 15 secs. Will process 2K transactions/sec by 2020 making it as fast as Visa & 280K transactions/sec by 2035.

-0.04% 24h
-0.42% 1wk
-0.78% 30d
-1.00% 1yr
88.0M Supply
$32.6M Vol 24h
$87.1M Mkt Cap



Runs on Ethereum blockchain on a smart contract platform which is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization built by the Maker organization. Dai is a token on the Ethereum blockchain whose value is stable relative to the US dollar. 1 Dai = $1. It's a stablecoin designed to be free from volatility. Dai used to pay for goods/services, long term savings, hedging against cryptocurrency market volatility, & dAPP transactions requiring a stable cryptocurrency. Dai is backed by over-collateralized cryptocurrency. To get 100 Dai you put $150 of Ether in the smart contract.

0.00% 24h
0.00% 1wk
0.00% 30d
0.00% 1yr
900.0M Supply
$0 Vol 24h
$45.0M Mkt Cap



dAPP on NEM blockchain. Rewards-based educational platform. Trains students & identifies the best ones, increases involvement of the best teachers, & matches candidates w/ proven skills to jobs. Students get paid to learn & teachers earn more as students learn more. TUT is NEM token. TUT holders decide which teachers will teach on Tutellus. TUT tokens are then swapped for TTUT tokens, Tutellus funds teachers, & TTUT holders earn 30% of teacher profits. Teachers & students earn STUT tokens as they contribute more. STUT shows one's value on Tutellus & can be traded for TUT.

+4.93% 24h
0.00% 1wk
+25.00% 30d
-87.50% 1yr
3.1B Supply
$2.5M Vol 24h
$15.7M Mkt Cap



Runs on Bitcoin blockchain. Tokens used as cryptocurrency to license digital assets in marketplaces. The marketplaces bring together content creators, editors, and publishers to exchange value. The marketplaces will determine the usefulness, trustworthiness, and accuracy of the digital assets on Po.et. Po.et provides content creators the ability to timestamp their content to the Po.et network, which verifies their exclusive rights to that content. Po.et seeks to replace the worldwide ISBN code with a Po.et authentication.

+0.89% 24h
-3.67% 1wk
-4.55% 30d
-89.43% 1yr
14.0M Supply
$2.6M Vol 24h
$14.8M Mkt Cap



Native blockchain network. Supports dAPPS. SKY is cryptocurrency. Eliminates centralization in other cryptocurrencies & vulnerabilities when attackers gain 51% control. Obelisk consensus algorithm can't be centralized by mining pools or manipulated by shareholders. No miners in Obelisk. Each node gets a personal blockchain where every action is publicly recorded. Transactions as fast as 2 secs makes it competitive w/ credit cards & Apple Pay. Transaction fees paid in Coin Hours which users gain for each hr they hold 1 SKY. Also seeks to replace ISPs (Internet Service Providers) w/ Skywire, a new internet that is peer-to-peer where users use hardware called Skyminers to provide bandwidth, storage, & cpu power in exchange for SKY & Coin Hours.

-10.58% 24h
0.00% 1wk
-55.56% 30d
-94.00% 1yr
4.5B Supply
$4.0M Vol 24h
$13.5M Mkt Cap



dAPP. Runs on EOS blockchain. World's 1st online, decentralized encyclopedia. Must hold EOS coins to get IQ tokens. Users earn IQ tokens by writing and/or editing articles. To propose an edit, users put down (i.e. stake) a small amt. of IQ tokens as collateral, which is returned if the edit is approved by other users. Users can use IQ to propose edits to articles, vote for good articles, & vote on rules governing Everipedia. Many encyclopedias & people contribute to Everipedia. There can be many articles on a topic that are ranked as opposed to 1 canonical article in Wikipedia.

+5.41% 24h
+39.74% 1wk
+49.91% 30d
-84.21% 1yr
285.4M Supply
$67,693 Vol 24h
$8.6M Mkt Cap



Supply chain protocol. Runs on top of any blockchain. Allows supply chain dAPPS like origin of products, certification, alert systems, compliance, and recall to be built on it. Records of products on the supply chain are recorded. These records are viewable by all on supply chain such as farmer, production plant, warehouse, supermarket, & end consumer. TRAC is a Ethereum ERC20 token to exchange value for supply chain data on ODN (OriginTrail Decentralized Network). Supply chain data is stored and verfied by OriginTrail nodes. Data providers pay nodes in TRAC to write data on ODN. Data consumers pay nodes in TRAC to read data on ODN. OriginTrail can support supply chain in any industry. Received food safety endorsement reward from Walmart.

+2.58% 24h
0.00% 1wk
0.00% 30d
-50.00% 1yr
139.2M Supply
$84,024 Vol 24h
$1.4M Mkt Cap



dAPP. Runs on Ethereum blockchain. New way to discover, purchase, track, & resell products online. It connects existing online stores to a one-stop shop. Using AI, Eligma helps users find products w/ the best quality & price in a market of billions of products. Products can be purchased w/ fiat or cryptocurrency. Eligma creates a blockchain-tracked Digital Item Profile (DIP) for every item purchased on the platform w/ detailed docs a/b that specific item. Eligma then calculates the future value of these products and others you upload to tell you when the best time is to resell them. ELI is a ERC-20 Ethereum token used for searching Eligma for products, listing your items for sale, advertising & escrow fees, buying goods, & more. Eligma loyalty program rewards users w/ ELIs.

0.00% 24h
0.00% 1wk
0.00% 30d
0.00% 1yr
0 Supply
$0 Vol 24h
$0 Mkt Cap



NRDC is a token that lets you rent mining power from NordCoin Mining OÜ. In exchange, you get a % of the cryptocurrencies mined. NordCoin seeks to capitalize on crypto-mining operations w/ a solution that is mobile, independent from any single government, and placed in a region w/ a surplus of electricity production. The Nordic countries are a prime location. NordCoin runs their mining operations in 40ft freight containers, which can be transported anywhere in the world in pursuit of optimal mining conditions. Upon buying tokens, you have 10 months to use them to rent mining power. You receive your % of mined cryptocurrencies until the tokens expire in 3 years. Electric cost of $.079/kWh & a 5% NordCoin fee are deducted from your outpayment.

No Symbol
0.00% 24h
0.00% 1wk
0.00% 30d
0.00% 1yr
0 Supply
$0 Vol 24h
$0 Mkt Cap



dAPP. World's first game running on Ethereum blockchain. CryptoKitties are cryptocollectible digital kittens. Like baseball cards or art in real world. Each cat is a non-fungible token ERC #721 that is indivisible & unique. CryptoKitties are paid for w/ ETH. Since the cats are tokens on the blockchain, they can be bought, sold, or transferred digitally. Smart contract on blockchain ensures 100% ownership of your kitten & stores details like the cat's appearance & genotype. CryptoKitties receives 3.75% of each transaction in its marketplace & revenues from the 50K cats created at launch.

No Symbol
0.00% 24h
0.00% 1wk
0.00% 30d
0.00% 1yr
0 Supply
$0 Vol 24h
$0 Mkt Cap



Shows one's overall credibility/trustworthiness/reputation. So it helps you safely deal with people you don't know. Useful when you buy/sell/rent/hire or simply interact with someone. Users control what information shows on their Credo ID. Credo messenger lets you negotiate price, send pics, schedule meetings, & make payments in dollars or cryptocurrencies. Confirmed transactions are permanently recorded & let both parties review one another. The parties rate their experience with each other and have the option to write a review.

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